A wedding lasts for a single day, but the memories you take away will last a lifetime. Photographs are perfect for fondly reminiscing the best day of your life, so you'll naturally want to choose a wedding photographer that resonates with your specific needs. Follow these strategies to get the best value from your wedding photographer.

Establish Your Photography Style

Photography covers a vast spectrum of elements, so you'll want to establish your own style for your wedding day. For example, some people prefer a photojournalistic style for documenting wedding events. Others prefer candid photos with a casual undertone, while some prefer formal poses. Be sure to talk to your photographer about you want, so you can be upfront about your expectations. For example, let the photographer know whether you prefer just one style of photography or whether you are looking for a blend of candid and formal photos. This will help the photographer make your wedding day memories unforgettable.

Understand Equipment Used

You may not know much about photography, but it certainly helps to get the photographer talking about his or her passion. This is sure to make you feel more comfortable knowing that the photographer is using professional-grade equipment for your wedding. Make sure the photographer has spare lenses and cameras in case something happens to the main ones. Photography is mostly digital these days. If you want the negatives for your wedding, you'll need to find photographers that continue to shoot with film.

Discuss Your Preferred Format

Make sure you are clear on every detail of the photography contract, so that you get exactly what was discussed, especially when it comes to establishing the format for receiving your photos. For example, will you receive only negatives or will you get a CD and an album? Be clear when it comes to your picture expectations and preferred format. This will enable the photographer to give you exactly what you want. For example, let the photographer know if you simply want a digital CD without the album or if you want an album, CD and negatives (if being shot with film). You'll also want to agree on a specific timeframe for receiving them after the wedding.

Know Who Is Shooting Your Wedding

Some photography studios work with multiple photographers, so make sure you know who is shooting your wedding. If you have your heart set on someone specific, make sure you get him or her to shoot your wedding. Some photographers also work with assistants to capture all possible moments of the wedding. Find out more details about every photographer who will be shooting at your wedding and be clear about which photographer you want to capture specific shots. This level of clarity will ease you from a lot of stress and tension on your big day.

Use these smart strategies for getting the best value from your wedding photographer.