Before you can enjoy the festivities of the Christmas season — the parties, the decadent food and the company of friends and family — you have to get your Christmas shopping done. But buying thoughtful gifts year after year is easier said than done. Fortunately, if you are a passionate amateur photographer, you can turn your passion into thoughtful and personal gifts. Here are a few ways that your photography can make incredible presents.

Canvas artwork. Something that will really elevate your photographs from simple shots to statement making pieces of art is having them printed on canvas. If you are a landscape photographer, having a photograph blown up and printed on canvas can make a one of a kind gift. These kinds of photographs get sold for huge amounts of money in interiors shops, so by canvas printing your own you will be saving money and offering something a lot more personal.

Photo books. If you really want to share something personal and meaningful with loved ones at Christmas time, it's time to get scrap booking. This is the perfect gift for someone you have shared special moments with such as taking a holiday together or going through university together. If you want to show one of your old university friends how much you care about them, why not compile the best and funniest photos that you took during your university years and put them in a scrapbook along with comments and doodles? This will serve as a time bank that your friend will treasure for years to come.

Custom made calendar. A calendar is something that always comes in handy — whether it's to keep a note of birthdays or just to mark down a schedule for house chores. But buying a celebrity calendar is cheesy and so impersonal. It would really mean something if you created a calendar out of your own photos. And the great thing about giving a calendar as a gift is that your friend or loved one will think of you every time they look at it for 12 whole months.

Greeting cards. Maybe you don't want to go to the effort of having a huge canvas printed for every one of your chums. But you no doubt want to deliver a load of meaningful greeting cards, nevertheless. So why not have your photographs printed and used as greeting cards that will be so much more personal, not to mention cheaper, than any cards you could purchase from a shop?